The power of logistics that moves the world!

That is the power of extrans.

“The World is one market”
Develop global competitiveness with EXTRANS!

We Live in a global world. The era of globalization has come. Globalization in the 21st century is not the matter of choice,but the survival. Wave of globtalization makes the world reorganize from the middle of philosophy to that of economy. Going through an endless competition, the countries are tied together to do the economic activities freely across borders.

It causes the economic territory to widen with the development of communications and transportation technology. Globalization comes faster with the sequences of FTAs between countries which results in lowered trade barriers. Those who are competitive in their fields whould have more opportunities to develop themselves in far larger markets. EXTRANS connects all around the world, EXTRANS has its own strategies and distinctions.

Besides the business, EXTRANS has global organizational culture as well. We strongly believe that we continue improving ourselves with innovations.

CSO Larry Lee                 CEO Brad Lee